Good Catholic Girl Brazill Shiraz 2016

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The James Brazill has a quite lovely nose, a harmonious blend of fruit and spice. Blackcurrant, dark plum and orange oil all go in to bat for the fruit and cinnamon for the spice. It smells like the topping of a really good blackcurrant crumble with the promise of that delicious, ripe, whole fruit beneath. It’s poised, sophisticated and inviting. The palate is blessed with a wonderful freshness and has lovely weight, balance and harmony – a seamless blend of fruit, spice, acid and tannin. Picture, if you will, a black silk curtain – the fruit is the black and the silk, the acid is that shimmer that silk has, and the tannin is the lining and embroidered edge of the curtain, giving the wine (and the curtain of course) weight, complexity and depth. And it hangs really well – there really is no substitute for genuine quality. Clearly wonderful now and with a bright future!